Little Women

SV_Little People 6

I had the wonderful opportunity to capture these ‘little women’ last September. I love photographing children- they have such an innocence and openness about them…

I could not help but pair these portraits with the whimsical pattern watercolours by  Kendra Dandy.

SV_Little People 2

SV_Little People 3

SV_Little People 4

SV_Little People 7

SV_Little People 5

Credits: ‘Little Women’ portraits and collages by me, September 2013, Pattern Illustrations by Kendra Dandy




A Garden

SV_Garden Planting Ideas

I have put off working in our garden because of  Winter, but since the warmer days have arrived there can be no more excuses. Spring is here and it is the perfect time to start a herb garden. I was inspired by  Christine (from the Pretty Blog) and Iaan’s herb garden and a colleague of mine who grows all their own veggetables. I too would love to go outside and pick some fresh herbs and veggies to add to a meal.  I love the creative solutions as shown above to creating an interesting herb and succulent garden; I feel so inspired I even created a pinterest board dedicated to all things gardening. I hope to make a start this weekend…

Credits: Collage by me, all images from here


SV_Nike Free

I have joined the gym- even though I have been completely against gyming for the longest time. I mostly enjoy outdoor activities and building up a light sweat without having to work at it. So walking and hiking are my go-to activities to keep fit, with yoga in between for flexibility.  I have been lazy during the past Winter months especially when the weather was particularly bad. Having a gym membership means that there are no excuses where the weather is concerned and there are a variety of machines that can target muscle groups I didn’t know exist as well fun classes to get the heart rate going (I have to keep telling my self these pros to keep motivated).

I got these Nike Free’s partly because I have no gym worthy trainers and mostly because they look so cool…and I don’t intend wearing them only to gym. I have been noticing the ”wear your sports trainers trend” for the past couple of months. ELLE’s contributing fashion stylist Luisa Rodrigues gives this top tip for pulling off the trend:

“The key is to pair your trainers with a smart tailored look that you would normally wear heels with or wear them with a pretty printed dress. Steer clear of track pants or anything resembling sportswear”.

With that said, if I don’t manage to be a regular gym goer, at least I have my trainers which I could wear whenever I please…

SV_Nike Free Ads

Credits: Credits: Top-Woolworths, Shoes-Nike Free, Towel- @Home, Photograph by me- August 2013, Nike Free Layout by me, Images from here. Nike Frees come with the following disclaimer.

London Awaits

SV_London Type

On a whim I decided I really want to join my family who are traveIling to London for the New Year. I am so excited- I have just received my tickets and  I don’t even mind that it might be bitterly cold…

Credits: Collage by me, Type Designed by Antonio Rodrigues Jr, Photograph from here.

Southern Blooms

SV_Tabita SpringSummer 2014_6

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to work on a project for a local clothing boutique, called Tabita, owned by the lovely Anre Uys. She lived in Italy for over a decade, before returning to South Africa to start her own label, which showcases a combination of influences from her international travels and her childhood in the Klein Karoo.

The Spring Summer Collection she had sourced showcased an assortment of prints from- animal, to floral and monochrome geometric- all popular trends for the upcoming season. We decided to photograph the collection outdoors with a natural wood and rustic wall backdrop. For the catalogue layouts I was inspired by botanical illustrions and chose to juxtapose each pierce with illustrations of local flower.

SV_Tabita SpringSummer 2014_5

SV_Tabita SpringSummer 2014_1

SV_Tabita SpringSummer 2014_2

SV_Tabita SpringSummer 2014_3

SV_Tabita SpringSummer 2014_4
Credits: Photographs and layouts by me, Illustrations from The Biodiversity Library, Clothing from Tabita, Styling by Anre Uys

Moodboard | Part 2

Brand Inspiration Board 2

A few weeks ago I shared the first stage of my personal branding journey, namely the Moodboard. That first moodboard was essentially a collection of 22 images which I gathered over a few years and some recent pins which inspired me, arranged in some organised manner.

Today I would like to share a refinement of that board. I narrowed it down to 8 images (Holly Marie describes the golden mean for creating a moodboard here) and similarly I incorporated a palette of colours. I like to think of the mood as ‘modern nostalgia’  because I am all about the balance between my love for the modern and vintage:

  • the bold colours of red and black vs soft blush tones and grey,
  • pairing modern typography with hand-writing,
  • and classic simplicity vs intricate detail.

Credits: All images can be found on my Pinterest Boards.

Wellington | Part 2

SV_Butterfly World007

Here is the long overdue part 2 of my mini spring break in Wellington. This last two weeks have been a bit stressful in the day job department and slowly I have been coming up for air…

As part of my getaway, we visited Butterfly World, situated at the cross roads of the Paarl, Stellenbosch and Wellington Wine Routes. The name is slightly deceptive, because when we arrived we were surprised to find that it is actually a zoo for small animals, ranging from birds, spiders, fish, snakes and monkeys.

It was a completely exhilarating experience because most of the areas were interactive displays, where the animals- like the tropical parrots, marmoset monkeys, blue duikers, etc.- are allowed to roam free. Of course some animals, like the snakes and spiders were kept in either glass or cage displays, which I was very thankful for.

SV_Butterfly World008

SV_Butterfly World006

SV_Butterfly World016

SV_Butterfly World010

SV_Butterfly World018

SV_Butterfly World011

SV_Butterfly World009

SV_Butterfly World001

SV_Butterfly World002

SV_Butterfly World004

SV_Butterfly World015

SV_Butterfly World017

SV_Butterfly World013

SV_Butterfly World014

SV_Butterfly World012

SV_Butterfly World003

Credits: Photographs taken by me, Wellington, September 2013