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I have joined the gym- even though I have been completely against gyming for the longest time. I mostly enjoy outdoor activities and building up a light sweat without having to work at it. So walking and hiking are my go-to activities to keep fit, with yoga in between for flexibility.  I have been lazy during the past Winter months especially when the weather was particularly bad. Having a gym membership means that there are no excuses where the weather is concerned and there are a variety of machines that can target muscle groups I didn’t know exist as well fun classes to get the heart rate going (I have to keep telling my self these pros to keep motivated).

I got these Nike Free’s partly because I have no gym worthy trainers and mostly because they look so cool…and I don’t intend wearing them only to gym. I have been noticing the ”wear your sports trainers trend” for the past couple of months. ELLE’s contributing fashion stylist Luisa Rodrigues gives this top tip for pulling off the trend:

“The key is to pair your trainers with a smart tailored look that you would normally wear heels with or wear them with a pretty printed dress. Steer clear of track pants or anything resembling sportswear”.

With that said, if I don’t manage to be a regular gym goer, at least I have my trainers which I could wear whenever I please…

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Credits: Credits: Top-Woolworths, Shoes-Nike Free, Towel- @Home, Photograph by me- August 2013, Nike Free Layout by me, Images from here. Nike Frees come with the following disclaimer.


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