She’s about to Pop

SV_Merlyn & Keenan Maternity004

It’s the first day of Spring and I thought this would be the perfect time to share the pretty maternity shoot I had a few weeks ago with my dear friends who are expecting their first baby. Secretly, we planned Merlyn’s baby shower around balloons and her being “ready to pop”, so we made sure she had fun pink balloons as lovely props for the shoot.

Merlyn  and Keenan are expecting their little baby girl in October, and before we get to meet her, here are a few photographs of their shoot…

SV_Merlyn & Keenan Maternity001

SV_Merlyn & Keenan Maternity005

SV_Merlyn & Keenan Maternity006

SV_Merlyn & Keenan Maternity002

SV_Merlyn & Keenan Maternity 2

SV_Merlyn & Keenan Maternity 1

SV_Merlyn & Keenan Maternity 3

SV_Merlyn & Keenan Maternity007

SV_Merlyn & Keenan Maternity 4

SV_Merlyn & Keenan Maternity003

Credits: Collage and graphics by me, Photographs taken by me, Squirrel Park, August 2013


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