Wellington | Part 1

SV_Wellington Spring Break002

Hello- I am back from my spring break. My Mom, my gran and I spent three relaxing days at the lovely 5 Mountains Spa and Lodge in Wellington, a little town just off the R44. I did exactly what I planned: I read, sketched, took loads of photographs and more. I managed to fit in quite a bit of site-seeing, had wonderful treatments at the spa and I think I drank one too many cups of tea.

Here are a few photographs of  5 Mountains and the sweetest coffee shop in Wellington’s Main Road called Perfect Place. It really was ‘perfect’ to me, purely because it had all my  favourite bits of ornament in one place: vintage tea cups, pretty side plates, and bird cages (a few with real birds in them).

Part 2 of the trip to follow…

SV_Wellington Spring Break001

SV_Wellington Spring Break003

SV_Wellington Spring Break014

SV_Wellington Spring Break028

SV_Wellington Spring Break018

SV_Wellington Spring Break029

SV_Wellington Spring Break019

SV_Wellington Spring Break020

SV_Wellington Spring Break024

SV_Wellington Spring Break022

SV_Wellington Spring Break030

SV_Wellington Spring Break008

SV_Wellington Spring Break034

SV_Wellington Spring Break026

SV_Wellington Spring Break025

SV_Wellington Spring Break031

SV_Wellington Spring Break027

SV_Wellington Spring Break009

SV_Wellington Spring Break010

SV_Wellington Spring Break032

SV_Wellington Spring Break033

SV_Wellington Spring Break013

Credits: Photographs taken by me, Wellington, September 2013



Spring Break


I get to take a much needed break. Tomorrow, my Mom and I will take a mini road trip to the country side for some pamper and relaxation time. Balancing a day job and working after hours can be so exhausting and mentally taxing, that sometimes I feel I need a time-out. I plan to read, sketch and take some photographs all purely for pleasure. See you after my spring break.

Credits: Collage by Breanna Rose, Images from Field Guided


She’s about to Pop

SV_Merlyn & Keenan Maternity004

It’s the first day of Spring and I thought this would be the perfect time to share the pretty maternity shoot I had a few weeks ago with my dear friends who are expecting their first baby. Secretly, we planned Merlyn’s baby shower around balloons and her being “ready to pop”, so we made sure she had fun pink balloons as lovely props for the shoot.

Merlyn  and Keenan are expecting their little baby girl in October, and before we get to meet her, here are a few photographs of their shoot…

SV_Merlyn & Keenan Maternity001

SV_Merlyn & Keenan Maternity005

SV_Merlyn & Keenan Maternity006

SV_Merlyn & Keenan Maternity002

SV_Merlyn & Keenan Maternity 2

SV_Merlyn & Keenan Maternity 1

SV_Merlyn & Keenan Maternity 3

SV_Merlyn & Keenan Maternity007

SV_Merlyn & Keenan Maternity 4

SV_Merlyn & Keenan Maternity003

Credits: Collage and graphics by me, Photographs taken by me, Squirrel Park, August 2013

Almost Spring

SV_Spring Inspiration

These photographs by the talented South African photographer Amy Scheepers got me out of my Winter blues this week.  Rain has been forecast up until this Sunday, but when I saw these images of her new work over on her blog, I was reminded that Spring is not too far away.

Credits: Collage and Lettering by me, Photographs by Amy Scheepers

The Long Bob

SV_Long Bob

About 4 weeks after the wedding, after growing my hair for about a year, I decided my hair needed a good cut. Because I loved having long hair and being able to style it in different ways, I decided the long bob would be perfect- not too short and still quite versatile. I was inspired by the long bobs of these lovely ladies above: Olivia Palermo, Elizabeth Olsen and Sara Donaldson.

I then went for a short bob a few months ago, and I liked it. It grew, and then I needed a trim, which my hair stylist misinterpreted as, “go even shorter please!” Now I have that annoying length where it needs to be styled everyday and it cannot be considered chic when attempts are made to tie it into a ponytail…

Okay enough whining, but here is hoping I can get to a long bob soon and rock it like these fine ladies pictured above. Any great hair growing tips?

Slouchy Pants


I got my hands on these lovely slouchy pants from Mango. Spring/Summer is around the corner and I cannot wait to wear them for an evening dinner with a satin lace top and pointy stilettos. I wish I had snagged the emerald green colour they also had in stock.

I am also happy to see Emily, from Cupcakes and Cashmere, has slouchy pants on her Fall wish list… The relaxed fit and silky textures make them as comfy as lounging around in your pj’s all day.

Credits: Top-Woolworths, Shoes-Woolworths, Pants-Mango, Photograph by me- August 2013, Illustration by me- Spring Buds in Watercolour, June 2013

Open Design Cape Town

slide 1

Today is the start of the inaugural city wide 10-day event called Open Design Cape Town. It is an annual event, or festival like I prefer calling it, that celebrates the sharing of design and design-thinking across many disciplines, essentially to raise awareness to the significance and relevance of design.

The festival kicks off  with a few exhibitions at the City Hall and around the city, as well as an opening party tonight. I am really looking forward to it and even more thrilled that most of the events are ‘open’ or free. If you are in town, go and see the list of events, which can be found here. I simply love the graphics of the header slides on their website, as shown below.





Credits: Images from Open Design Cape Town