Wellington | Part 2

SV_Butterfly World007

Here is the long overdue part 2 of my mini spring break in Wellington. This last two weeks have been a bit stressful in the day job department and slowly I have been coming up for air…

As part of my getaway, we visited Butterfly World, situated at the cross roads of the Paarl, Stellenbosch and Wellington Wine Routes. The name is slightly deceptive, because when we arrived we were surprised to find that it is actually a zoo for small animals, ranging from birds, spiders, fish, snakes and monkeys.

It was a completely exhilarating experience because most of the areas were interactive displays, where the animals- like the tropical parrots, marmoset monkeys, blue duikers, etc.- are allowed to roam free. Of course some animals, like the snakes and spiders were kept in either glass or cage displays, which I was very thankful for.

SV_Butterfly World008

SV_Butterfly World006

SV_Butterfly World016

SV_Butterfly World010

SV_Butterfly World018

SV_Butterfly World011

SV_Butterfly World009

SV_Butterfly World001

SV_Butterfly World002

SV_Butterfly World004

SV_Butterfly World015

SV_Butterfly World017

SV_Butterfly World013

SV_Butterfly World014

SV_Butterfly World012

SV_Butterfly World003

Credits: Photographs taken by me, Wellington, September 2013


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