Moodboard | Part 2

Brand Inspiration Board 2

A few weeks ago I shared the first stage of my personal branding journey, namely the Moodboard. That first moodboard was essentially a collection of 22 images which I gathered over a few years and some recent pins which inspired me, arranged in some organised manner.

Today I would like to share a refinement of that board. I narrowed it down to 8 images (Holly Marie describes the golden mean for creating a moodboard here) and similarly I incorporated a palette of colours. I like to think of the mood as ‘modern nostalgia’  because I am all about the balance between my love for the modern and vintage:

  • the bold colours of red and black vs soft blush tones and grey,
  • pairing modern typography with hand-writing,
  • and classic simplicity vs intricate detail.

Credits: All images can be found on my Pinterest Boards.


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