The Long Bob

SV_Long Bob

About 4 weeks after the wedding, after growing my hair for about a year, I decided my hair needed a good cut. Because I loved having long hair and being able to style it in different ways, I decided the long bob would be perfect- not too short and still quite versatile. I was inspired by the long bobs of these lovely ladies above: Olivia Palermo, Elizabeth Olsen and Sara Donaldson.

I then went for a short bob a few months ago, and I liked it. It grew, and then I needed a trim, which my hair stylist misinterpreted as, “go even shorter please!” Now I have that annoying length where it needs to be styled everyday and it cannot be considered chic when attempts are made to tie it into a ponytail…

Okay enough whining, but here is hoping I can get to a long bob soon and rock it like these fine ladies pictured above. Any great hair growing tips?


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