Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Cape Town 2013| Part 1

Hello, there. As you may have noticed I took a bit of a break from the 30 Day Portrait Challenge. I got to day 7, and then daily duties took over, leaving very little time take selfies and no time to blog. Nevertheless, over the weekend, I attended four of the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2013 fashion shows. I really enjoyed sharing it with my favourite fashionable friends and noting a few inspirational elements from each designer’s collection. I felt so inspired I decided to blog about some of the highlights from the shows I attended…

Leigh Shubert


I liked the monochromatic graphic patterns and punchy yellow and turquoise colours of Durban-based designer Leigh Schubert for her Spring/Summer collection. The triangular graphic print reminded me of the interesting Dia font created by Tommy Larson.  I also loved her play with silhouettes, creating almost origami-like folds with the fabrics, as in the images below of her take on the peplum skirt, loose t-shirt and collared dress.

SV_MBFWCT_2Michelle Ludek


The Cape Town based designer Michelle Ludek’s pieces alluded to the beautiful underwater creatures of a coral reef. Her fabric choices were all soft and floaty in my favourite bright colours of coral and cobalt blue. The bold and over-scaled accessories, designed by her sister Belinda-Lee Ludek, resembled sea anemones and jelly fish that were alive as the models walked up and down the ramps.


Credits: Images SDR Photo,  Collages by me



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