4 Days of Self-Portraits

SV_Selfie Day 7.1

In no particular order- here are my self-portraits from the last four days. I have reached the seventh day- yeah! But as the photograph depicts, that is how I feel: exhausted. I can seem to only focus on one thing, get that done, and then there is very little time to do anything else.

Almost all the portraits have been taken in the evening or at night so far,  hence the poor lighting for day 4, and lack of focus. I also almost  forgot to take a photograph yesterday (day 6).  So last night, before I hopped into bed, I quickly snapped one in the bathroom, inspired by Thrift Finn’s day 1 portrait. Day 5, has been the only one so far that I have taken in the morning. It was Sunday and our bedroom gets  such lovely early morning sun.

SV_Selfie Day 4 & 6 SV_Selfie Day 5.1

Photographs: Self-Portraits, July 2013


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