Day 2 & 3 | Self-Portraits

SV_Selfie Day 2

Here are day 2 and 3 of my self-portrait sessions. Gosh, it is hard. After nearly 10 or so snaps each, these are the two that came out reasonably okay. I have not mastered holding the camera at arm’s length without looking silly, so both of these were taken on a self-timer. I also feel super awkward looking at the lens, hence the ‘deep-in-thought-eyes-focused-down’ poses for both days.

I could not manage to get the focus correct on day 3, this is the clearest photograph. Mmm…here’s hoping I get better at this. Here are a few selfies I am inspired by:

Thrifty Finn




SV_Selfie Day 3

Photographs: self-portraits, colour & black & white,  July 2013


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