This Week | No.1

SV_This Week No. 1

I constantly come across links online that I enjoy reading  and decided to curate them into a series every week. This is my outlet for sharing the articles, items, and people that are inspiring me on a weekly basis. I hope you enjoy!

  1. Finally, the launch of  SA’s own fashion blogger network: Tgether. Tayla Goldberg, from Shades of Gold, is the lovely lady behind it all. Go and read her inspirational post on how she became a blogger here.
  2. Really inspired by Kelly Framel, from the Glamourai’s post on her introduction to the fashion world.
  3. So I finally went to see the Great Gatsby. I thought Leonardo DiCaprio was brilliant, but found Carey Mulligan to be a poor choice for Daisy. I also loved hearing one of Lana Del Ray’s newest releases Young and Beautiful and Jay-Z’s tracks throughout the movie. Go and read Garance’s review about the movie, she sums up my thoughts nicely.
  4. Love the simplicity of Jessica Comingore’s new-look website. She is awesome.
  5. I think Miss Moss’ new logo, by illustrator and designer Erin Ellis is great.

2 thoughts on “This Week | No.1

  1. Thank you so much for featuring TGETHER & Shades Of Gold! Reading your blog now and I love your photographs, so beautiful! Thanks again 🙂 Talya x

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