Barrydale | The Little Karoo


Since we have been back from the Hubby’s birthday weekend away, I have been shuffling between work during the day and freelance work at night, which has left very little time for blogging, even though I have so much to post.

But as promised, here is a snippet of our weekend away to The Little Karoo, where along Route 62  we stopped off at a little town called Barrydale for some ice-cream. I will never forget Coco’s, not only because their ice-cream was so lovely, real creamy Italian, compared to many places in Cape Town, but I also forgot my handbag there! We drove off and after 15 minutes of travelling, my Mom called my hubby to say my handbag was left at a store in Barrydale. We turned around, drove back and the store owner said  my Mom was really lucky to get hold of us, because once you are 20 minutes out of Barrydale there is no cellphone reception!

I was so thankful for her honesty…and for the last remaining moments of cellphone reception!



SV_Barrydale006 SV_Barrydale001


Photographs: Coco’s in Barrydale, May 2013


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