Forts Exhibition

Forts Poster

Last night the hubby and I went to the Forts Exhibition held at the Side Street Studios in Woodstock. Curated by Mariah Breitenberg and Amy Ellenbogon, the ladies behind styling and events company, Gather,  Forts was about celebrating the  outdoors and the experience of making spaces outside. (The awesome poster above, was designed by Miss Moss for the event).

Forts Lookbook

“Forts is about making spaces, dragging your bed outside and sleeping under the stars, it is about those camping trips you did with your brothers where you played in the river all day and then put on your dads old, oversized jersey and sat by the fire while you watched the flames and the next day your jersey smelt like the fire.

it is about backpacks and star navigation.
it is about simple living and deciding to wake up and go on an adventure in your own city.
it is about sleeping bags and camping chairs.
it is about lying in long grass and taking afternoon naps under trees in the shade.

we want you to come and remember how you felt when you did not have to be somewhere but outside. we want you to come and reawaken the idea of pulling your sofa away from the wall and draping a table cloth over it and lying in your own fort.”

One of my varsity friends, John Edwards and his brother Charl, had a few pieces they exhibited. They mapped out all the historic forts in Cape Town and framed them. We could not resist snatching one for our home- which I hope to hang and show it off soon. I also really liked the work of Kirsty Rielly, but all her pieces were sold already…


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