Books | March 2013

SV_Books_March 2013

I have always tried to keep a note of the books I have read- I have a tiny notebook where I write the title, the author and the date I finished reading it. There is no space to keep a record of great quotes or  memorable characters. I would sometimes write next to the entry, one word or two, that would remind me of what the book was about.

Recently, I came across GoodReads, through Daniella Marie which is a place where you can collect “shelves” of books you have read and books you’d like to read, all while interacting with friends, seeking out new titles, rating books, and discovering new recommendations. This year, I really want to challenge myself to read more novels…which I did very little of last year while planning my wedding.

Lark and Termite by Jayne Anne Phillips  and Lynelle by the Sea by Laurie Lico Albanese were my two reads for March 2013 and I enjoyed them. How about you? Have you read anything great recently? I look forward to adding to my ‘to read’ list on Goodreads


2 thoughts on “Books | March 2013

  1. I’ve read a few books by Laurie Lico Albanese… I love her style. She’s really the reason I started writing. If you liked Lynelle by the Sea, you may enjoy her “Blue Suburbia” book. It’s REALLY hard to find but its a hidden gem.

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