Easter Preparations

SV_Easter Lunch Invite

This will be our first big holiday together as a married couple and we want it to be memorable. This Sunday we plan to have our immediate family over for Easter lunch (see invite above).

To make it more fun we intend everyone to take part in our Easter egg hunt. I created these place cards (below) that can be folded once printed, with spaces for clues that can easily be written in by hand. (I still need to think of really tough clues!)


I decided to combine the menu card and placemat, to be printed on A3 cardstock. Since I am not yet entirely sure what everyone is intending to make or bring, I left a  space under the title menu where the dishes to be served can quickly be filled in closer to Sunday.

SV_Easter Lunch Placemate

For the fun part:

We bought a selection of Lindt chocolate balls and eggs, chocolate marshmallows, eggs and a few bunnies. I then packaged them with tissue paper  in a few of our cupcake boxes we had left over from our wedding. I then cut out strips from some of my scrapbook sheets to use as gift tags and tied it to the boxes with some ribbon.

SV_Easter 2013_2

SV_Easter 2013_1

SV_Easter 2013_3

SV_Easter 2013_4

Photographs: Easter Treats, March 2013

What do you have planned for Easter?


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