Inspired By | Jessica Comingore

Jessica Comingore

Every once in a while I come across a designer who’s work I really fall in love with. For whatever reason, I connect with their website, their writing, their designs, etc. I spent an entire Saturday afternoon browsing Jessica Comingore’s blog  and website after coming across a link to her, over at Miss Moss’ blog (another inspirational blogger I admire). Jessica is based in Los Angeles and spends her days running her creative studio founded in 2011, where her work ranges from graphic design and branding to interior photography and art direction.

I am completely inspired by her work, her keen eye for design and photography, her home and the content of her blog. You can read more about her background here.

Jessica Comingore_page 1

Jessica Comingore_work 5

Jessica Comingore_page 2

Jessica Comingore_page 3

Jessica Comingore_home 3

Jessica Comingore_home 1

Jessica Comingore_home 2

I hope everyone in South Africa had a good Human Right’s Day yesterday- yeah for a long weekend if you managed to get off from work today!


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