Favourites from MBFWJ 2013


This past weekend, Johannesburg hosted the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week- and even though I could not be there, Elle SA kept everyone up to date with highlights of the shows. Admittedly, only two designers knocked it out of the park for me with their collections, namely Suzaan Heyns and Stefania Morland.

Suzaan Heyns

Suzaan Heyns_Page 2

The collection by Suzaan Heyns‘ , titled “Doors of Perception”, was inspired by the ornate door frames and door knockers she saw while in Stone Town, Zanzibar. The architecture of her pieces- namely the structures, geometries and textures- are mesmerising.  She used cork leather, reminiscent of the door carvings to create ornate layering and shapes; which I can only imagine what they must feel like to the touch. Also, the make-up looks of blended colour that were created, made the model’s faces seem almost shrouded in camouflage; and it changed as the show progressed, to mimic the sunrise and sunset she experienced in Zanzibar.

Suzaan Heyns_Page 4

Suzaan Heyns_Page 1

Suzaan Heyns_Page 3

Stefania Morland

Stefanie Morland_Page 2

Stefania Morland’s collection evokes romantic and dreamy thoughts within me: of being in a field or forest foraging for berries and flowers with no care in the world. It was her floral headbands that caught my attention first, but after viewing more of her pieces, I soon realised the appeal, and how easily I could re-create these looks for this season.  I appreciate the balance she creates of wearibilty and an almost casual glamour with floaty skirts, lace, tulle and some sparkle, all with an afro-bohemian feel. Her colours of  duck egg blues, dusty pinks (two of my favourite shades) and burnished oranges, are inspired by colourful mosaics the colours of soft dusk.

Stefanie Morland_Page 1

Stefanie Morland_Page 3

I love how both of their remind me of  my previous post, where their work has been strongly influenced by the colours of the sky at sunset.


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