Knysna Elephants

SV_Knysna Elephants_6

This past weekend was the first time I went back to have a look at the photographs we took during our honeymoon. We spent a blissful and relaxing few days after the wedding, in Knysna, just up the east coast along the Garden Route.

One of the first places we visited was the Knysna Elephant Park. It was the closest encounter I have ever had with a large animal; we spent the afternoon feeding them bucket treats of fruit and veggies and taking a leisurely walk along side them as they grazed.

SV_Knysna Elephants_2

SV_Knysna Elephants_7

SV_Knysna Elephants_3

The breathtaking moment was seeing the belly of a pregnant elephant move. She was a month away from giving birth.

SV_Knysna Elephants_4

One cannot help but be stilled by their presence; they are all at once majestic, gentle, and assertive.

SV_Knysna Elephants_8

I did not know the the softest part of the elephants skin is behind their ears.

SV_Knysna Elephants_5

They are very direct with wanting the treats from the buckets we brought along and as soon as there is no more they turn and walk away to forage somewhere else.

SV_Knysna Elephants_8

Two, young five year old male elephants fooling around. This was the only time we got to hear elephants trumpet; for the most part they are really quiet.

Photographs: Knysna Elephant Park, February 2013


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